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"When your animal best friend leaves this world, we are able to offer you this last service, which you can provide for him."

Krematorium zvářat Brno

Animal crematorium Brno

We present you the first crematorium in Czech Republic which is focused on taking care of your dogs, cats and other small animals like ferrets, guinea-pigs, rabbits, rats, hamsters, parrots or for example turtles. In Animal crematorium you can say farewell with dignity to your longtime friend, let him individually cremate and put his remains rest in the place which you will choose.

We are taking individual approach to every client with full comprehension for this uneasy situation. Our crematorium’s visitor book and lots of letters can tell a lot about our client’s satisfaction.

Individual cremations of animals can be done with a presence of mourners or without them. In case of presence of mourners it’s obvious that the last symbolic farewell to your animal friend is in the ceremony room where you have the opportunity to give it some smallness and say good bye. Immediately after your farewell the cremation itself begins. In case of cremation without mourners, our clients can use a service of watching the act of cremation via online cameras on the internet, for example from home. The duration of cremation depends on the weight category with the average time around 1 to 2 hours. The remains are available after cooling down and you can take them inside your own chosen small casket home or can be sent by delivery to your home. We can also arrange dispersion of remains on a certain place on the meadow. You can bring your pet friend to our place to pre-arranged term of cremation or use our individual transport of your pet friend in the special kit to our crematorium.

Individual cremations are done from Monday to Friday from 8 am till 5 pm and it goes by managed schedule. If you are interested, please contact us on +420 737 110 790, where you can obtain detailed information.

So far we accept payments only in cash. For blind clients, clients with handicap and owners of animals which are trained for assistance, rescue and etc. we give 10% discount.

Krematorium zvářat Brno

Documents needed for cremation of animals:

Because of legislative reasons it is necessary for you to have the certificate of vaccination of your pet for the transport and take-over of the animal or you can provide Medical examiner sheet (Post-mortem report) from your veterinary or you can write a statutory declaration. For download forms click here.

Krematorium zvířat

Rozptylová loučka Krematoria zvířat
scattering field

Obřadní místnost Krematoria zvířat
ceremonial hall

Čekací místnost Krematoria zvířat
waiting room

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